April, 16th: Developing of innovative commerсial software (f.e., Parallels Cloud Server)

Dmitry Mishin

Dmitry Mishin — Project Leader in Server Virtualization Department of Parallels. He was graduated from “System programming” department of MIPT based on Institute for System Programming of Russian Academy of Sciences (ISPRAS). Since 2004 he works at Parallels. Since 2006 he leads projects in area of server virtualization.

Sergey Bronnikov

Sergey Bronnikov — head of department on testing of Parallels Cloud Server and Parallels Containers for Windows. He works at Parallels since 2005. He started as a tester of Parallels Desktop for Mac. Then he organized testing of Parallels Server Bare Metal 4.0. Sergey is interested in testing of open-source, increasing of quality of open-source software.

Please feel free to email your questions to sdat@ispras.ru or by twitter @sdat_seminar.

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