November, 17th: Project Angara: F# for computational experiments

Sergey Berezin

Sergey Berezin

Sergey Berezin — Ph.D., associate professor at Lomonosov Moscow State University, head of r&d group «Information Technologies in Science».

Dmitry Voytsekhovskyй

Dmitry Voytsekhovsky

Dmitry Voytsekhovsky — graduated from Lomonosov Moscow State University, trained in Microsoft Research Cambridge, now he is RSDE at r&d group «Information Technologies in Science».

Speakers will share their experience of creating software for efficient composition and evaluation of computational experiments. They will describe their approach and set of F# components codenamed Angara. Project Angara accumulates results of their long term collaboration with Computational Sciences group in Microsoft Research Cambridge. Angara helps researchers to build reproducible computational experiments that can be performed multiple times from scratch with identical results. Full provenance information is available for every result artefact allowing to trace its origins and understand how exactly it was computed. Angara supports efficient incremental construction of computational experiment. Processing steps can be added or altering with re-computing only affected parts of the experiments. This saves significant amount of time because many computational experiments are long-running and require significant computing resources. A scientist can observe intermediate results as soon as they are produced so he can understand that something goes wrong on early iterations and doesn’t wait until computation complete.

The event will be at Institute for System Programming of Russian Academy of Sciences at 5p.m. on November, 17th.

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