March 1st: On verification of programs operating on strings

Antonina Nepeivoda

Antonina Nepeivoda

Antonina Nepeivoda is a researcher at Research Center for Multiprocessor Systems of The Program Systems Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences. Her scientific interests are program transformation and program anaysis, formal languages, formal grammars.

Back in the 1970s a fold-unfold based program transformation technique named supercompilation was developed by V.F. Turchin for the language Refal for the associative data type (the string data type supplied by the bracket constructor). The talk describes a refinement of Turchin’s supercompilation method for the string data type, which essentially uses the associativity property. A new restriction type, namely word equations, is proposed in the refinement. An example of program transformation and analysis done by a model supercompilation tool that uses this new restriction type are shown in the talk.

The seminar will be at Ivannikov Institute for System Programming of Russian Academy of Sciences at 5p.m. on March 1st.

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