February 21st: Methods and means of implementing software-controlled software development process of critical information systems

Aleksandr Samonov

Aleksandr Samonov

Aleksandr Samonov — senior researcher at Mozhaisky Military Space Academy, Ph.D., assistant professor.

The talk presents the results of the analysis of modern scientific publications, the existing regulatory framework, as well as the technologies and tools used for developing software for critical computer intensive systems. The author proposes to develop a unified modeling/language environment for the implementation of a software-controlled development process. The main components of this environment and process are:

- graphical/textual metamodel of a formalized representation of a set of requirements and architecture descriptions in the form of interrelated fUML diagrams;

- method of implementation of software-controlled development and verification process using the developed models and algorithms.

The seminar will be at Ivannikov Institute for System Programming of Russian Academy of Sciences at 5p.m. on February 21st.

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